Complete Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

The Wireless Fire Alarm System

The Monahan Group offers the full CWSI wireless fire alarm product line because of it's unrivaled system versatility. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS), coupled with Bi-directional RF Communication, Repeater Network Architecture and 200 Second Supervisory Polling, provides for the industry’s most secure and reliable wireless fire alarm network. The superiority of the CWSI system is unmatched. To date CWSI is the only fire alarm manufacturer that dedicates its efforts to strictly wireless fire alarm technology.


The Components

The CP-3500DUL Listed 864 9th Edition, will support up to 1024 addressable devices and repeaters while providing true network operation and communication. Network operation includes wireless command signals to repeaters and wireless relays for activation of control functions such as appliance circuits, elevator recall, HVAC control and more. The CP-3500D allows for the reporting of up to four separate alarm types and provides for event memory recall of alarm, supervisory and all control functions. Alarm and trouble signals are also wirelessly transmitted to remote annunciators.

The WRA-3 Wireless Remote Annunciator, UL Listed 864 Accessory Device, has a 4 x 20 character backlit LCD which will display alarm and supervisory messages and trouble indication from compatible CWSI panels and devices. Additionally, there are five front panel LEDs for visual indication of A/C power, Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Silence. The WRA-3 provides acknowledge, signal silence and system reset control functions via a membrane keypad. Operation of these keypad functions is protected by a key lock.

The Model AR-5 Repeater, UL Listed 864 Accessory Device, is an addressable bi-directional repeater which is used to form a wireless network which receives, screens, verifies, and retransmits low power radio signals from other CWSI wireless initiating devices, repeaters and control panels. In addition to providing RF signaling within the installation, the AR-5 provides two supervised addressable Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs). An optional RM-5 Plug-in Relay Module adds 5 Form C Relays to the AR-5.

The RB Relay Box is an optional accessory for connection to the AR-5 repeater. It provides up to 40 normally open programmable dry contact outputs. The number of relays correspond to the model number of the unit, for example RB-10 is a ten relay box. The relay box is ideal for interconnection to Dialers, Elevator Recall, HVAC Control, and manufacturer's equipment when other control interfaces are required.  These can be ordered in increments of ten relays.

The SR-5 Wireless Relay, a UL Listed 864 Accessory Device, is a standalone wireless relay unit providing five Form C relays activated by low power radio signals from other CWSI wireless initiating devices, repeaters and control panels. Also available are thee N.C. trouble inputs for monitoring A/C loss, Low Battery and General Trouble on third party equipment. The SR-5 can be powered by a 12Vac wall transformer or UL 1481 Listed 24Vdc power supply.

The Model 310 Manual Fire Alarm Pull Station is a self contained addressable dual action lexan fire pull station with a built in transmitter. It is UL Listed 38 and complies with ADA requirements of maximum pull force.

The Model 301/302 Smoke Detectors are state-of-the-art wireless addressable photoelectric smoke detectors, which incorporate a unique protocol not produced by other manufacturers. The Model 301 provides an internal 85dB temporal horn for smoke detector applications, requiring signal point audibility and annunciation. It also offers tandem activation of multiple detectors making this product the first commercially listed wireless smoke detector to offer this feature. The Model 302 is a no-sounder smoke detector for use in common areas. In addition to the performance features, the Models 301/302 are supervised for low battery, tamper and 200 second polling. They also provide for the first bi-directional communication between the transmitter and smoke detector, allowing for hardware fault supervision of the detector itself.

The Model 345/345TS Fire Transmitters are addressable transmitters (monitoring modules) designed specifically for connection to initiating devices, sprinkler flow and supervisory switches, and other UL miscellaneous accessories with normally open contacts. The Model 345/345TS Fire Transmitters are UL Listed 864 Accessory Devices. In addition to the supervisory features such as low battery, tamper, and end of line violation, the Models 345/345TS offer the option of either Style 1 or Style 2 wiring configuration. Jumper selection enables it to either transmit a Trouble or Alarm signal on Contact Closure. When monitoring a trouble on a third party panel it will now be displayed as a Trouble instead of Supervisory.

The Model 350 Wireless CO Detector is a wireless addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector which provides an internal 85dB temporal 4 horn for CO detector applications requiring signal point audibility and annunciation. The 350 is supervised for low battery, tamper, cell health, chamber end of life and meets 200 second supervisory polling requirements and is UL Listed 2075.