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520Hz Wireless Transmitter (coming soon)

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CP-3500 Control Panel ›

UL Listed 864 9th Edition, will support up to 1024 addressable devices and repeaters while providing true network operation and communication.
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WRA-3 Annunciator ›

UL Listed 864 Accessory Device, has a backlit LCD which will display alarm and supervisory messages and trouble indication from compatible CWSI panels.
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AR-5 Repeater ›

An addressable bi-directional repeater which is used to form a wireless network which receives, screens, verifies, and retransmits low power radio signals from other CWSI devices.
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Relay Boxes ›

An optional accessory for connection to the AR-5 repeater. It provides up to 40 normally open programmable dry contact outputs.
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Fire Transmitter ›

Addressable transmitters (monitoring modules) designed specifically for connection to initiating devices
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Model 310 Pullstation ›

Self contained addressable dual action lexan fire pull station with a built in transmitter.
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Wireless Smoke/Heat Detectors ›

Wireless addressable photoelectric smoke detectors, which incorporate a unique protocol not produced by other manufacturers.
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CO Detectors ›

State-of-the-art wireless addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector which provides an internal 85dB temporal horn.
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